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After two years of being stuck inside during the pandemic, it’s no wonder tensions in the world are high. Uncertainty can bring on anxiety and fear, which brings on the feeling of being out of control. To counteract that feeling of being out of control, some people flee the situation, while others fight the situation in order to bring them back to a state of being in control.

Not only are tensions running high, but the Universe is all about balance. Right now, Earth is getting back into balance by bringing forth the ‘sickness’ and the ‘ick’ so it can be dealt with in the physical plane, so more people can rise up in the energetic plane; this is why so many people have been going through ascension.  

Not only does Earth go through cycles, but we go through cycles as well. Consider all the wars we’ve been through, yet we haven’t connected to the ascension the wars were providing until now. We’re in the Age of Aquarius, which an astrological ‘age’ shifts about every 2,150 years. We left the Age of Pisces, the old, elitist, patriarchal paradigm, and have moved into the new, ascended paradigm of choosing your own reality. 

With all this change happening, what is your reality now, and what is your reality going to be in the future? You have the power to be selective and choose.

To help you navigate this change, I’m offering a new program, Make Your Inner Phoenix Rise, to a limited number as my Founding Circle. This is a 16-week live-taught program.

The Program Goal is to show you how to manifest the life you want through the release of past life trauma and forgiveness of past trauma in your current life, through the utilization of moon rituals, meditations, and manifestation techniques. 

The Program Outcome is that you will have the tools and knowledge needed to create an action plan of your own making that you can use after the program ends, to manifest the life you want and keep manifesting for the rest of your life.

The Program Benefit is that you will experience soul healing and self-love, so you can have happier relationships, will be happier in your career/business, will overcome chronic illness and disease, and will be ready to raise the vibration of the world by helping others as well. You will realize magic is real and limited only by your imagination. If you feel drawn to this program, book a call with me to enroll. 

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The Missing Link

Are you a solopreneur who is tired of solo-ing your business and is ready for collaboration, connection, and a supportive environment of like-minded peers, while at the same time receives help and support in the areas of business and program structure, money, and personal development, so you can save your mind, money, and time?  

This is not your typical small group mastermind program. It is a living example of a soul-sourced, sustainable business structure in action.
It is a beautiful and unique concoction that brings together the elements of:

  • summit where you get to learn from the wisdom of multiple leaders 
  • mastermind group where you dive deep and transform your work
  • community of like-minded, like-hearted leaders to collaborate with
  • 1:1 coaching to align and integrate your insights into action


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This is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It is intuitively guided and designed to support you in all areas of your life and business. It is a holistic approach to business that addresses it from all angles—like a soul-aligned MBA for entrepreneurs, delivered by conscious leaders, and supported by a community of your peers who each bring their own wisdom to the table.

I moved! 

The journey of a thousand miles began when I sold my house. 

My daughter got married!

I gained a new son-in-law when my daughter got married.

New Grandson!

Ivar Atreyu was born November 10th. If you’re familiar with The Neverending Story, you may have recognized the name! 



What do you need?

Schedule a call to find out how I can help you. I have a number of programs available not listed, plus I offer coaching packages as well. 

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