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Tonya Rutter Coaching is a Boutique Energy Practice, in that the work we do is specifically tailored to you. Your individual experiences in addition to what has been passed down to you from your ancestors can affect your energy and psyche. Here at Tonya Rutter Coaching, we take a deep energetic dive into your DNA, thought patterns, beliefs, and upbringing, so that we can remove the background programming and energetic blocks that are keeping you from living the life you desire. We utilize different modalities and techniques, including NLP, The DNA Method, and energy work, to dissolve those blocks and create new pathways of thought and energy, so you can create new patterns, new realities, and have the confidence to attract what you really desire.

Tonya Rutter is a Quantum Energy Practitioner, Empowerment and Confidence Coach, Energy Master, Alternative Holistic Healer, Self-Love Enthusiast, Author, and Publisher. She has helped clients around the world gain the confidence they need to achieve their hearts’ desires, whether it’s related to health, relationships, business/career, or money. 

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