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Empowering heart-centered creatives, coaches, entrepreneurs, executives, and intuitives into Becoming Limitless, by showing them how to tap into the magic they have within themselves for abundance in their businesses, careers, wealth, relationships, and health.

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You Are More Than A Body

At Tonya Rutter Coaching, we consider the whole person – mind, body, and soul, but we also consider the past, present, and future. You are much more than a mind, much more than a body, and even more than a soul. You are pure consciousness, which the soul integrates all parts of you from the past, present, and future, to shape you into who you are right now. When you know who you are right now, you become limitless in all you do – nothing holds you back. 

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About Tonya

Tonya Rutter

Tonya is a Quantum Energy Practitioner, Empowerment and Confidence Coach, Energy Master, Intuitive, Alternative Holistic Healer, Self-Love Enthusiast, Author, and Publisher.

Her journey into helping others started when those who had passed on began coming to her, and she was able to communicate with them. Soon after, she began feeling how the living died in past lives, giving her a unique perspective of traumas they experienced in their current lives. Over the years, her energy practice has evolved from a past life expert to working within DNA to access memories and background programming keeping clients from moving forward, making her someone who is sought out in her field. 

She is the creator of The DNA Method, The Creation Cycle, and the Rational Mind Loop, and teaches about the 4 Minds of Intuition, the 4 Bodies of Enlightenment, and the electromagnetics of thought and emotion.

 Her mission is to get as many people as possible into her Freedom is Wealth Movement, to show them that wealth is  abundant when they have the freedom to be themselves.

When she’s not focusing on clients’ energetic needs, you can find this published author writing the sequel to her urban fantasy, Blood Promise, under the nom de plume of Tonya Kerrigan; curling up with a good book and a glass of wine; or sitting outside under a moonlit night.


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