My Story

I guess I’d call myself a Witch, though not a traditional witch who practices witchcraft, not a Wiccan, and not really even a Pagan. I follow my own spiritual path of Divine Wisdom. I seek my own answers about the Universe and how it works along with the physical world. I’m an Oracle so information will oftentimes come to me in riddles (which can sometimes be frustrating to try to figure out). I’m also an Empath, Intuitive, Medium, Tarot Reader, Past Life Specialist, Mother, and Novelist. I help others on their spiritual journeys. You can learn more about me at my coaching website.

Not long ago, I had a major breakthrough and life-changing discovery about manifesting. I discovered that what was really holding me back was a story from six generations ago (so probably at least 150 years ago) that I had to release. I discovered how to release this story and others like it, and I’ve since created a program called The New You Blueprint to help you remove stories that you need released. You can learn more about The New You Blueprint and my Moon Ritual Template and Workbook.