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Black Friday Fall Celebration


With Thanksgiving/Friendsgiving coming up, I want to celebrate with you! I am so thankful that you are a member of my tribe. To show my appreciation, I’m offering a Black Friday Fall Celebration Energy Healing Package specifically geared toward injuries due to accidents, falls, sprains, back pain, etc.

While I don’t really advertise my ability to heal injuries, I’ve done this type of energy healing for years with amazing results. I’m being called by my team of angels and guides to get back into this specific type of healing and can’t wait to help you.

If you’ve had a recent acute injury, or an injury that isn’t healing, or chronic pain due to old unhealed injuries, then this specific type of energy healing will help you heal faster and lessen the pain, so you can enjoy your time celebrating the holidays with family and friends.





This special healing package consists of two 30-minute energy healing sessions for $197, which is $503 off the regular price. This offer expires on November 30th, so you’ll want to book your first session before the end of the month.

This special healing package also makes great stocking stuffers, so if you want to give it as a gift, email me at coaching@tonyarutter.com. You’ll be able to prepay the healing package, and I will email the recipient an e-gift certificate along with a personalized note from you on the day of your choosing.


Disclaimer: This special energy healing package is not for injuries connected to a health issue, such as diabetes, or injuries requiring (or that had required) major surgery, as these types of injuries need more than two sessions. If you have any questions about the type of injury you have, please email me at coaching@tonyarutter.com.



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