The Money Pulse

Every living being with a heartbeat has a Money Pulse. Your Money Pulse is tied to your heart and has the same energetic frequency as love. Sometimes, your money pulse can become weakened, broken, upside down, or even move backwards. Tonya can assess your Money Pulse and help you repair it.  


The Soul of Money

Money is more than paper, more than coins in your pocket, and more than an electronic bit. Money is its own entity, with its own soul, and is guided by love. She wants you to attract her and be a vessel for her for the betterment of mankind. 

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Programs Designed With You In Mind

  • Create A New Money Story Bootcamp Live:  This is a 6-week program designed to change your perceptions of money so you can take it, hold on to it, share it, have fun with it, and be fulfilled by it. It includes an assessment of your Money Pulse along with three powerful money activations:
    • New Money System DNA Activation: This activation removes the old money DNA based on treachery and greed, and replaces it with the new money DNA based on graciousness, giving, and love. 
    • Become Money Vessel Activation: This activation brings the Soul of Money into you, so you can become a vessel for money, allowing you to attract it, hold it, and share it for the betterment of mankind. 
    • Money is Love Heart Activation: This activation opens your heart to the Soul of Money, so you can feel the happiness, joy, and love money embodies, enabling you to have fun with it and be fulfilled by it.  
  • Create A New Money Story Bootcamp Self-Paced: Rather than the live version, this program is recorded and self-paced and includes three live group sessions to assess your Money Pulse and get your questions answered. It includes the option of adding on the money activations that are included in the live version.
  • Becoming Limitless: This is a year-long mastery program where you learn how to take charge of every aspect of your life, heal from trauma, heal your body, and attract money, so you can be the happiest, healthiest version of you. You will learn how energy and consciousness come together to form the quantum parts of you; how your thoughts and emotions affect you at the cellular level; and how the Law of Attraction actually works within each of your Creation Cycles. 
  • VIP Coaching: If you’d rather do coaching on a 1:1 basis, or if your specific needs call for something different, then VIP coaching is for you. 
  • Corporate Coaching: Tonya offers corporate clients boutique services that include quantum energy strategies for success; what to focus on; where to invest your time and money; Akashic Business Blueprints, and more. If you have employees, she can work with them on an individual and/or group basis, and create a program tailored to your business needs.