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Your Money Story


What is your money story?

Your money story is a combination of your beliefs and background programming along with the meaning that money holds for you. 

So, what does money mean to you? For many, Money Is A Tool or Money Is Control to be used to gain what is wanted. For most lightworkers, Money Is An Energy Exchange from recipient to provider. And for some, Money Is Love. 

Millions of years ago, Money was a Story of Love. However, as humanity became more elitist, patriarchal, and focused more on control, the energies of power, ownership, greed, treachery, hate, lies, and paranoia became more prevalent, leading to propaganda, wars, and torture.



Now that we’re in the Age of Aquarius, Money is once again moving back to its original Story of Love, meaning Money Is Love. 

As Earth moves into this new paradigm of Money Is Love, humanity must also move with it. Those who stay stuck in the old paradigm of Money is Control will find themselves losing it or becoming so paranoid of losing it that they’ll lock themselves away, never enjoying it and living a life of a recluse; you can see this pattern happening even now. 

So, what is your money story? What does money mean to you? If you want to Create A New Money Story to help you get into the new paradigm of Money Is Love, book a call with me today!

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